“cheers, he exclaimed” — A Poetry

Chatarina Sentana
2 min readAug 30, 2022

Under the green sombre sky with zero air during the dawn,

that the crawdads sang was a Greek lullaby. Without a trace,

the headless mortals headed to the shrine. Boy dressed

in his brother’s castoffs was the only one zestful.

To unravel the disarray Moirai spined out the threats;

composedly, gracefully, one to another; leaving no scratch

nor blemish to the nobility of Adam’s descendants.

The bulky stout antique man stood on the topsoil, possessing

phantoms to hearken one’s remarks rupturing the tranquillity.

Cheers, he exclaimed, to the epitome of aggression and docility!

All in attendance drown in sobriety. The act grinned the man.

Man continued his speaking, so may my grace shield thyself

and the remaining felicities be with tha now and forever. Held

the mass’s heeds, feast was convened for the bright boy in castoffs.


Hail the Lord as the sun has risen and goes through the pane.

Outside is autumn. Ochre, burnt orange, terracotta are all

leaves flying thanks to the benevolence of the windfall;

also the colours great-great-grandpop John Meadows enjoyed.

Joshua, the descendant, exquisitely runs downstair to welcome

the one he needs far from the west as she visits seldom.

Ah! So here is the great-grandson, the lady whispers softly.

May all the souls meet John Meadows at the shrine, and

each of the hearts mumbles the same charm endlessly.

May all the solemn requests occupy the lady relentlessly

so Moirai can dust little splendid merriment in Joshua.

May all the unknowns remain unrevealed. To let the

orphan feels jolly over John’s offering. Even if a

great-great grandpop undergoes misery in the afterlife. [chtrn]



Chatarina Sentana

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