“Entering the Long-Awaited Love Season with Do Kyungsoo” — An Article

EXO Do Kyungsoo set another milestone in his career in the music industry.

Chatarina Sentana
3 min readJul 27, 2021

Good news has finally come to EXO-L all around the globe. On July 26th, Do Kyungsoo made his solo debut with the release of Empathy. This album consists of eight tracks; six songs with two bonus tracks sung in Spanish and English. Based on the Empathy Digital Booklet on iTunes, Kyungsoo stated that he likes the original lyrics of Rose and It’s Love and thus he includes the original versions in his album.

“I included the English version of ‘Rose’ and the Spanish version of ‘It’s Love’. The original demos were in English and Spanish respectively, and I liked the lyrics and the feelings upon listening to them the first time. So I sang them as bonus. I hope they could be special gifts for my fans.” — Do Kyungsoo.

The elegance of D.O.’s first album is shown by the number of names he collaborated with. Day6’s singer-songwriter Jae or also known as eaJ worked together with 220 and Andreas Ringblom in producing My Love. While I’m Fine was arranged by Emile Ghantous, a Grammy-nominated producer, the brain of several world megahit songs sung by Chris Brown, PitBull, and even Charlie Wilson. The list keeps getting longer with Wonstein as his duet partner in the song I’m Gonna Love You. Kyungsoo himself took a part in writing the lyric of Rose, the title track, and I’m Fine.

As Empathy is Kyungsoo’s first album as a soloist, he put a lot of thought into it and decided to make it becomes his favorite. “I like the acoustic guitar sounds which make me feel relaxed. So, I filled my album with songs featuring guitar sounds in hopes that everyone could feel comfortable listening to it.”

Catherine Pulsifer once said, “The amount of effort you put in is the amount of results you end up with” and it seems like Kyungsoo’s hard work has been paid off by the love he gets through his Empathy. The album itself is enthusiastically promoted by some famous figures in the entertainment industry, such as Sam Fischer, Kim Woo Bin, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Sun Bin, Kim Ki Bang, Lay Zhang, Mike Adam, Seungmin of Stary Kids, and Ten Lee of WayV. Jae of Day6 even joined the fans in doing the hashtag party.

Jae of Day6 on his Twitter after promoting “My Love”, his song on D.O.’s solo album.

It is no more unpopular thing to state that Kyungsoo has brought a summer full of love for his listeners. Based on the English dictionary, Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. And this is relevant to all Kyungsoo’s songs in this album as each song is filled with certain emotions that Kyungsoo wants to portray. Rose will give us the excitement of falling in love with someone. And on the other side, Dad can allow us to feel the warmth love from family.

His songs are available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Melon, FLO, genie, and NAVER VIBE. Go listen to them on your favorite platform. Do not forget that Rose's music video can be accessed through YouTube Check it out! [chtrn]



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